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    Is there a document listing what each user type can/can't do? A table with access rights down the left and a column for each user type with a yes/no would be ideal.

    At the moment it can be difficult deciding what type of user to set people up as, and some of the settings seem a little odd (e.g. I changed myself from admin to manager, and can no longer see outstanding timesheets. I would have expect to see that so I can chase my team).


    • Michael
    • May 28th 2010 edited @ 05/28/2010 1:44 pm

    Administrator level users should not be able to downgrade themselves to a manager. Do you mind clicking on the find a bug link within your account and submitting a bug? Our development team will take a closer look.

    Regarding what each user can see, an access rights grid does not exist at this time but that is definitely a great idea. Here are a few other items that might be helpful. This forum post outlines what each user level can do and here are a few videos that show each user level. Also, just a heads up that the videos are a little bit old and we are in the process of re-recording them to make them current.

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