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Feature Requests [Closed]

Desktop (win) application in combination with Intervals

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    Im trying to figure out what product to use for a smallteam timetracking and issuetracking projectmanagement tool. I like Intervals but im missing something. What i would like is a combination of a webbased enviorment and the desktopapplication ((windows) which will do the timetracking + being an alerter if anything happens for the given user/developer (notify bugs/tasks).

    Some other products have this, but mssing other things. I noticed the API here is version 0.x - so its probably not possible yet with intervals to either get finished apps for this (desktop apps / not web) or create one yourself ?

    • Michael
    • May 5th 2010 edited @ 10/28/2010 10:43 am
    The API was recently taken out of beta and it could potentially be used to create a desktop application.
    This function would be WONDERFUL. I have a client that is reluctant to utilize this system on a large scale because it does not have a Windows Desktop Application functionality. I believe you would greatly increase your sales if this feature was added.

    Since this is a parallel discussion thread I am going to close out this discussion. Additional information is available in this discussion.

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