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Too many modules and work types in Add Time

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    When our staff go to add time to different projects, we can see modules and work types associated with that project and modules and work types not associated with that project. For example, we have created a project with specific work types not assigned to any other project (they are not default work types). However, when we go to add time to other projects, we can see all work types in an ever-increasing drop-down list. Also, the same module or work type is often duplicated in the drop-down box (e.g. the module 'Management' will appear twice).

    How can we fix this? I don't want to have to wade through a million different modules or work types when adding time to a project to which only two modules and five or six work types have been allocated.



    When applying time and a project is selected only the modules and work types that are associated with that project should be available. If modules and work types for other projects are showing up please be sure to click on the find a bug link within your account and our support team will investigate the matter. Regarding the same item appearing twice, it sounds like the module might be a custom module that has been added to multiple projects. If that is the case you might want to add it as a default module. This discussion on managing defaults might be worth a look.

    Thanks Michael, I've submitted our problem as a bug.

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