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Auto generated 'job number' for each project

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    Currently Intervals does not have a Project Number or Job Number associated with each project. We use codes in the names of our projects, but there is not a separate field just for Job Number.

    A customer recently submitted a feature request to have Intervals auto generate a project number/job number each time a project is created.

    Here is the exact request:

    "We currently have job codes here (i.e. CCV.web.0612). But that is really not necessary, I would like to see it be simple where you have a computer generated job number (i.e. 10250) per project. This would also be helpful on the billing side of things, purchase orders and such. And it would be great if it was computer generated, so you would not have to figure out which was the last number. It would just assign the next number to the new project.

    I do like that you then have a number assigned to each task in the project. So then it would be like 10250-644 (with a task attached) for example."

    Please feel free to weigh in on if you would use this feature...

    Auto generated job numbers for Projects would be fantastic. Currently we assign numbers outside the Intervals system but use them in the title of the Project so auto assigned numbers would save us time and frustration for sure.
    • Michael
    • Aug 15th 2007 edited @ 02/23/2012 7:45 am

    Thanks for the feedback. Auto generated project numbers have been added as part of the invoicing release. It made sense to bundle them together since an invoice will follow a job to speak.

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