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Monitoring time and status

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    I'm new to intervals and have been struggling to perform a basic daily function -- monitoring what is going on and what has changed.

    We have several owners of tasks (project managers), and since I'm overseeing all of it, I'd like to be able to watch what's happening to everything. Since I'm not owner or assignee, a lot of stuff happens that I can't watch.

    There are two relatively simple functions that I think would be really helpful:

    (a) View time entries for multiple people

    Each morning, I want to see what everyone worked on yesterday (at a detail level, not in a chart). The only way I can see to do this is go to Time, and then repeatedly choose each member of the team from the dropdown to view their time entries.

    It would be great if I could choose "All Team Member" from the dropdown on the Task list -- or filter by project or milestone.

    (b) On time report, show current status of task.

    Right now, the table of time entries lets me see what people worked on -- task ID and name -- but doesn't let me see what they did. It would be great to know the current assignee and status of each task (possibly in two new columns).

    Failing that, I would love to be able to hover over the task names in the time entry table, so that I could monitor the status of each task.

    (c) See "what has changed" recently.

    I would love to see all changes to tasks (assignments, statuses, comments) since a particular date listed in one table, possibly ordered by date, possibly filterable by dropdowns (like on the Task list), or filterable by who took the action.

    If you have any suggestions for how else to accomplish these in the meantime, please let me know!

    Thanks, Ben.


    Regarding viewing time entries for multiple people the summary report is probably worth a look. If you run the summary report and select view by people and select a single day from the filtration options it will show every piece of time that was applied for the day and the note that was included with the time. It can be a pretty detailed way to view who worked on what for a single day. Regarding what has changed recently we are kicking around an activity log and showing recently acted upon tasks in a different visual format for better skimability. Thank you for the feedback. A tangential topic that might be worth a look is task filters. If you aren't currently using task filters they can be a pretty handy way to quickly bounce around tasks by status, client, person, etc. Here is a forum discussion on task filters.

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