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Task Filters - Quickly and easily change filters on tasks

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    • Michael
    • Jun 28th 2006 edited @ 06/28/2006 6:43 pm

    If you are constantly filtering to view specific tasks, try saving your will save you lots of time. Here are some examples of the types of filters one might save:

    1. Tasks I've opened that are Verify & Close
    2. Tasks I've assigned to each team member that are open
    3. Tasks assigned to me that are open

    If you're not sure how to save a filter, go to the Task page and filter by a specific Project or Assignee, then click on

    » Save this task filter (located at the end of the list of tasks)

    Enter the name of the Filter and click Save. Your saved filters can be found under

    » Saved task filters (located under the green Filter button)


    I wanted to updated this post with a screenshot and examples of task filters I use.

    Here is where the task filter can be saved (the link shows up at the bottom of the task listing):

    The saved filters also show up on the home page.

    ...and here are a few filters I use myself:

    * Assign to Me by Proj
    * Intervals Marketing
    * Intervals :: Staged
    * Intervals :: VC
    * Need Assistance
    * Owned by me VC
    * Pelago IT All

    Hope it helps - Michael

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