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Multiple projects that follow similar task structure

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    Is there a way to create a template "project" that would have repeatable tasks associated? As a home builder we follow the same steps - for example - with every new new home project. I'd like to be able to start a new project by pulling in a template that has a typical set of tasks associated. Is this possible?
    This discussion on copying projects might be worth a look. You can setup templated projects and then copy the project each time you need that particular type of project.

    Thanks this was helpful

    When a request is issued to whom does the email notification go? I'm assuming it goes to the project owner but am not sure?


    Are you referring to the request queue by chance? If so and a project is selected when the request is created it will send an email to whomever is specified as the project manager for that particular project. If you are utilizing the email request queue to field work requests the notification email goes to whomever has been selected in the email alert recipients section.

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