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Copy a Project

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    In Intervals you can copy a task, but we recently received a request to copy a project. Copying a project would copy the project, modules, and the subsequent tasks. Currently, when you create a new project the default modules that you have specified get pulled in so that a project can rapidly be developed, but the assumption is that tasks are unique to each project. If a task is similar enough it can be copied to a new project, but there are not "project templates" with specified modules and tasks.

    I am curious to get thoughts from others on this one?


    I strongly recommend Pelago's team to take this into very serious consideration.
    My arguments supporting this feature is that, for a creative boutique for example there some projects that have 15 or 20 task that apply to other clients also.
    For example: corporate identity, naming, copy writing, creative message etc.

    We for one we'll be more than grateful to have such a feature.

    BIG VOTE HERE "FOR" (25 people worth of)

    Dragos Alexa


    Another vote for project "templates". In fact, we purchased your software believing that this was supported :(

    We have a 1-2 week client "setup cycle" for every new client.
    Each of these projects includes exactly the same modules and tasks for 90% of our clients, although the amount of time to complete the tasks will vary from client to client depending on factors such as client review of tasks, etc.

    It looks like we'll have to copy all the tasks to each new project we create for now, but this will be unnecessarily laborious. Looking forward to the ability to save a project as a "template" to be reused.

    • Michael
    • Nov 8th 2007 edited @ 10/03/2008 7:58 am

    One step toward Project Templates was launched today. Copy a project is live. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

    Copy a Project - (left hand side of project profile page)

    Copy Confirmation

    A few notes:

    • The task start dates for the new copied project are based on their reference to the project start date of the previous project. For example, if Task 1 started five days after the project start will also start five days after the start date of the new copied project.

    • The timestamp for project notes, project documents and project expenses will be the start date of the project

    • No email alerts go out when the new project is copied. This is done intentionally so that if you want to edit the team, move due dates around, etc. you can

    Copied the project, which is great! Unfortunately, I copied an old project with over 600 tasks and the feature is not yet built to only copy certain criteria (i.e. ONLY copy task names, copy task and assignee names only). So the data was useless because i would have to go into each task one by one and delete the hours, assignee, and any additional comments that were posted. If the feature could be added to select criteria for copying a project, it would be even better. However, for the time being, one can create a template task list for future projects, which is still a big help.
    I agree. I would like to see check marks for the option of copying the individual profile criteria. I want worktypes from the project but not the same team members (for example).

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