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    i have a few "nice to haves" that i would love to see on intervals. but whats more important it pointing out the critical missing pieces in the system

    1) two-way email integration
    2) auto-filled invoice doesn't show work logs. client gets an invoice for several thousand dollars and sees one line item something like this: support: 12.235 hours - $4005.32. this is useless to the client. whats worse, there is no way to append a report to the invoice. sitting there and retyping every work log into an invoice is beyond stupidity
    3) project credit. if a client has 3 bills and pays them with one check, we have to do the math to make sure it all adds up, which leads to a very bad situation: underbilling or overbilling. if a payment is applied which is more than what is owed, it needs to be added to a running credit for the client which can be applied to other invoices.

    the above i think are mission critical missing pieces that are killing us. as an alternative to these, i would see an API as another option to where intervals does other things well enough that we could justify building out the extra features ourselves.


    Thanks for giving us your feedback. Here are some updates on each of your points.

    1) This is something we are currently working on for tasks. Once completed, emails will be integrated more into the task workflow.

    2) We are adding other options for auto-creating invoice line items. These new options will allow you to group invoice line items in multiple ways and list individual work logs. The primary reason we didn't launch the invoicing with this feature is that most peoples work logs for a given time period can be quite lengthy. However, we realize some aren't and so we are revisiting this feature and will be launching updates soon.

    3) Yes, Intervals is a very project-centric project management tool. We are aware of the limitations it imposes on cross-project functionality within a client and are working on ways to address this.

    As for the API, that is in the works. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please contact us via our email or within Intervals click on the feature request button and let us know you'd like to be a beta.


    thanks for the update, that is great news!

    i'm sure you don't have a precise expected launch date, but are we on the order of weeks, months, 6months, year?

    also one other critical missing piece i forgot

    4) expenses. we are adding expenses as if they were hours, and that is throwing off all the reporting.

    The roadmap is constantly shifting around based on feedback and priorities but email integration is currently slotted for late Q3 this year.

    Expenses can be added directly to projects and may do the trick. If you navigate into a single project there is an expenses link on the left hand side. You can add expenses and also mark them up and add a fee that gets added to the project total. When generating an invoiced based on actual work performed the fee/expense will get added to the invoice if it occurred during the time period the invoice is spanning. The fee total is also available on the project activity report as an option if you would like to see all billable work and any fees not related to hours.
    great thanks michael. i dont know how i missed the expenses piece.

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