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    Is there a way to track random tasks that come in that are not connected to any project, but are billable to any given client? I am a web developer and I get small update requests all the time.

    My first thought is to build a project and de-activate it after the task is complete, but it seems like a lot of work to go through for a ten minute task. I could also keep separate general projects running for each client, but that would bump me into the $100/month plan, when I really don't have more than 10 real active projects at any given time. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    +1 on this request

    Hi folks,

    you realize, of course, that this feature request is like asking Pelago to make it easier for all of us not to upgrade our plans.

    However, even though it seems like it's counterproductive for Pelago's revenue, I have to agree that it's annoying to have to deal with maintenance this way. I personally am dealing with it by creating a project named "Ongoing" (as in post-project updates/maintenance) for each client, so it's easier to track and invoice the time. But I of course would rather not have my project list cluttered with dozens of these entries, whether active, inactive or intermittently either.

    • Michael
    • Feb 5th 2009 edited @ 04/13/2015 10:50 am
    "have you been using the email request queue? If you go to Tasks -> Queue you will see that you have the ability to setup a pop3 or imap email account on any server of your choice. Intervals will then poll that account at regular intervals and add the emails as task requests that can easily be assigned."

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