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Relationship of Projects to Clients

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    I am evaluating and have 3 weeks of time in place. I want the basic level so I am wondering if the limit on the number of Projects at this level will be a problem.

    My question is - does EACH Client Need a Project assigned OR can we track time against multiple clients by using tasks and worktypes only? We are too small to have multiple projects.


    Please keep in mind that only active projects count against the total. If a project is set to inactive it will not count against the total and you can still run reports on the project. New time, tasks, documents, etc. cannot be added unless the project is activated again.

    We are going to increase the active project limits and add more storage across all plans shortly. The active project limit for the basic plan will most likely go up to 10 active projects. It works out to $2 per month per active project.

    Since Intervals is focused on task management and time tracking against project you could try to make generic projects but I think it would probably be pretty difficult to pull off. Our goal is to price the plans at ranges where you can use Intervals to the fullest and upgrade if you grow and need more. We hope the increases in active projects will further that goal.

    • Michael
    • Sep 15th 2008 edited @ 09/15/2008 4:06 pm

    I had a follow-up phone call regarding this issue and wanted to share a workaround that may work if you have the same need. For this particular case, modules will do the trick nicely. The issue is that there is a support project and they want to track time for each client being supported. Instead of setting up a support project for each client using a custom modules for each client will do the trick.

    Project Name: Support
    Module: Each Customer as a Custom Module

    This setup allows you to track all support time via one project and run granular reports by module (aka client). If you don't want time going to a module (aka client) it can be set inactive by an administrator. If you had a lot of modules/clients this may become a bit unruly, but for this particular need it should workout nicely.

    In this "modules as clients" setup, can they be linked to the real client info? e.g. those listed at
    Unfortunately, there is not a way to link up a module to a client at this time.

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