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Have actual start and end times for Tasks and draw time line on the calendar

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    Hey everyone,
    Every year I keep asking for the same thing - this has been going on for three years - is this impossible programatically? I don't think so. Come on Intervals - this would be a huge improvement to the program.

    Happy New Year! One thing that I really wish could be added, especially in light of the new calendar and Milestones would be for each task scheduled for the future to be added to the calendar automatically in various color coded options - very similar to the Google calendar - also as a new task timer is started it automatically added the start time to the calendar and draws a color coded line for the time span when the timer is stopped.
    Basically I want each aspect of Intervals not just to record the AMOUNT of time but the ACTUAL time span on the calendar that the task was performed in. The actual start and end time for each task should not be a big deal to add as I'm sure the data is already somewhere in the program.
    Hope this is something you can do very soon!
    Thanks. Craig.


    Having used Google Calendar for resourcing, and having moved onto Intervals, it would be great for us if we could allocate a start and end time to a task especially if 1 resource needs to be allocated to multiple tasks on the same day. That's one thing that we miss.

    Will you be looking at implementing this?

    It's a bit off topic but a 'total time view' is definitely the one big thing missing for me at the moment, we've just about to sign up following the 30 day trial because Intervals is a great application for managing tasks - but being a creative company with a very fluid organisational structure we could really do with a calender view that shows the full duration of projects and tasks, not just the due date. I'm hoping that maybe the iCal integration might be able to do something like this as we currently use iCal to manage this data and provide this overview but it's far from ideal.

    I am also looking for a way to track a timeline. Will there be something added? Or how are people watching a project
    from start to finish?


    It seems that we can view both the start and end time of tasks (if we turn on that function). However, I would love to see it color-coded by project as well, similar to Google Calendar. We are currently using both calendars to keep track of our projects. Is this something that you are all working on?

    Thank you!


    Hello all - It really seems they are hanging us out to dry here - I've been trying to get this in for 2 yrs and very little response - I really can't see what the problem is - it should be a very straight forward thing to do, all the data is already there - put a dot at the timestamp on the calendar when the task is started, put a dash on the timestamp of the cal when it is finished - or better yet draw a user configurable line between the two timestamps. Do the same thing for tasks that are scheduled in the future on the calendar. This would make this whole system so much more useful - right now it's not that useful for a small one person business.
    Come on Michael and John - can you give us some hope here - what's the hangup? Why isn't it possible if it isn't? Why can't you see how useful this would be? Let's see if we get any response now. I'm not going to hold my breath!


    This discussion has bounced around a few different topics but when the calendar was first developed a few years back we tinkered with drawing lines for when a task starts and when it ends but unfortunately when there were a lot of tasks the home page became virtually impossible to read. The closest current functionality is showing the task start date. On the right hand side of the page if you click on "show more options" there is an option to show when tasks start. A filter can be saved to show when tasks start, when they are due, or both depending on your preference. Also on the task listing if you click on "show widescreen view" additional columns of information will appear including the task start date. If you click on that column the listing will reorient based on the start date. We do have plans to add tasks and milestones to the periscope report in the future. When complete that will be the closest visual representation to a Gantt chart within Intervals. It is not the same exact functionality as drawing it over the calendar but it is similar in intent.

    Regarding timers and recording the start and end time, we are strongly considering changing the core timer functionality to record start, pause, and apply times. If this change is made Intervals will be opened up to a lot of different time displays and daily accounting for activities. There is definitely a strong possibility that this will happen in the future. We are also considering a daily view to view tasks and notes but do not plan to have a full calendar experience like Outlook or Google Calendar and plan to keep the focus on task tracking, simplicity and workflow. We do plan to investigate greater integration between Intervals and third party calendar programs and some customers have started custom development on this front via the API.

    A quick reminder that we are deliberately slower to respond to forum discussions and we apologize for any frustration this may cause. Email or the feature request and bug submission links within each account are definitely the quickest ways to get direct help. Since the forums are community driven we want to give Intervals users the opportunity to express themselves via the forums while giving a high level of direct support via email and the submissions within an account. The forum experiment has been very hit and miss. If you ever have a question about a feature or if you need assistance please email Also, the roadmap post is available here if you would like to keep an eye on some of the bigger features planned. Thanks again for the feedback.

    Our organization would commit to Intervals by the end of the week if we could track start and stop times. I'm more interested in Michael's second paragraph. The ability to see where we spent our time during an average day is key. Recording the start and end time for every "time" I enter into the system would be perfect so that at the end of the day, I can see "gaps" in my day. Sometimes things just get crazy, customers call with a problem and you're so intent on fixing the issue you simply forget to start a timer. Next thing you know, 30 minutes go by but it only feels like 5 minutes. Currently, there isn't a way for me to find out what time I finished my last task or a way to see gaps in my day where I may have forgot to enter my time.
    Can I just say - if you do implement start and stop, please leave the option of just using total hours as currently. I've rejected systems out of hand that only offer start and stop as it gets so tricky if there's any corrections needed.
    • pixolut
    • Oct 8th 2011 edited @ 10/08/2011 4:16 am

    Very similar feature request but relevant to resource allocation:

    We are still considering adding start and stop times to timers. If we do push this through to development, the current timers would retain all of their existing functionality. The start and stop times on the timers would be used primarily to enhance the time data that is tracked to offer more ways to crunch it, view it, etc. The main challenge at this point is to design an intuitive interface that can correctly show when a timer was started, paused, and applied. Because a timer can be paused and re-started multiple times, it's not as straightforward as it might seem. We want to make sure that if and when we do this, we do it right.

    Good to hear that you are going in this direction - I still really want this in there.
    Thanks. Craig.

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