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    I noticed that my managers can see everything on the myintervals task list, Inlcuding me (the superuser).

    This is bad in this particular case:

    ex: Superuser (company owner of a plumbing firm) types task for Himself only.

    "Place ad in Help Wanted - Find replacement to Joe the Plumber"

    This is not good if the firms other managers can see this. Now they know that Joe the Plumber will be fired.


    Intervals is built with project level permission to facilitate openness and communication. Since Intervals features project level permissions, the scenario above can be handled by creating a project with limited access. The superuser could create a Plumbing HR project and give only himself access and not the manager level users. On the Pelago ( side of our business we have certain projects (Pelago Finance, Pelago Master Plan, etc.) that only our administrator level users have access to. No other users will see the tasks, documents, project notes, etc. unless they are granted access to those projects.

    On a somewhat related topic, here is a forum discussion on restricting resource level users to only see their own tasks.

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