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Should resource users be restricted to only view their own tasks?

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    Intervals currently features project level permissions. This means that any team member that has access to a project can see the tasks, project notes, and documents for that project. Up until a few weeks ago Intervals did not include the ability to assign a task to multiple people. This made the open project permissions more advantageous, but now that tasks can be assigned to multiple people we are contemplating locking down resource level users so that they can only see their own tasks. This would not impact managers or administrator level users.

    If you feel strongly one way or the other, please feel free to weigh in. It would be great to get some feedback.


    Yes, there are many times when we have a Resource working on a small part of a Project, do not want to create a new Project, but also do not want them to have access to other open Tasks including those that have been closed.

    It would be great if there was an option to grant access to view non-owned Tasks when a new user is created.

    Yes, I agree that Resource Users should only be able to view the tasks that are assigned to them. We use the resource level to work with our interns and it might cross over several different projects. I don't necessarily want them to have access to the full project until they are fully trained.
    I just realized that I hadn't understood the implications when I first read this post - but we would VERY much like for Resource users to only be able to view their own Tasks - we may have entirely different sub-contractors working on different aspects of the same Project. Thanks ~ Scott
    Thank you everyone for the feedback on this issue in the forums and the emails we have received. We have decided to move forward with creating the option to restrict resource level users to their own tasks. We envision this working similar to how granting executive users the ability to make comments on tasks works. This will be a global setting per resource user where you can restrict them to their own tasks or grant them access to all of the tasks for the projects they are members of.

    Just to weigh in and add another raised hand, that feature would be very beneficial. We even have some projects where we're working w/internal developers in an organization and don't necessarily need them seeing all the tasks in the project.

    My only additional comment is that I would like to see global and by project just as we can do w/task types and modules.

    What's the best guess/rough estimate of a release date on that functionality?
    Regarding the timing, we are shooting for early Q1 2009 to implement this functionality (I can't believe there are only 23 days left in 2008).
    Add another raised hand. I think that's an important one. --Rick
    Very raised hand here, we have private contractors who should not see anything else except what they are assigned task wise. Maybe add an External Contractor user level?
    • jo22
    • Jan 11th 2009
    Yes, only see the task they are assigned to.

    The option to restrict resource users to their own tasks launched today. Here is how it currently works. If you create or edit a resource level user there is an option to:

    Restrict task access? yes / no

    If set to yes, the user will only be able to view tasks which they own or are assigned. They will not be able to edit or create milestones. Also, they cannot view documents from tasks they do not own or are not the assignee. They can access project documents and project notes. Please give it a look and let us know how this new restricted task access resource works out for you.

    No particular comment.. just a 'thanks' for getting it done as projected.
    • ses
    • Feb 20th 2009
    This would be soooo helpful on the Executive User level. Any chance that will happen?
    • Michael
    • Aug 13th 2009 edited @ 10/19/2010 6:48 am

    We have plans to overhaul the executive user quite a bit a little later this year. In fact the executive user may be phased out and you will be able to add multiple contacts to clients and select what they can see in a more granular fashion. The modification is currently slotted for late Q1 2010 but the roadmap is constantly shifting based on feedback.

    ## Update ##
    The overhaul to executive users launched in April. Here is some information on what was changed and how the new functionality works.

    • jlbc
    • Oct 16th 2010

    Hi, I don't mind that resource users can view any task but I don't want that they can create new tasks... is there any way to restrict this?

    Thank you.

    There is not a way to restrict resources from creating tasks at this time but I added this to the list of potential user level modifications to consider. Thanks for the feedback.
    Michael - I am evaluating the tool for my organization. I wanted to check if this feature of restricting resource role users from creating a task has been implemented now. I couldn't find a way of doing this.
    There is not a way to prevent a user from creating tasks and the feature is not on the development plan at this time.

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