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    Hi everyone. I already signed up to Intervals Timetask, and I think is great for me and my team work; but the only thing is stopping me to go up with it is spanish language support. As I understood, from Settings im able to change Locale, as they named it, but i guess it only refers to currency and all that staff, not to lenguage in fact.

    Can somebody let me know if that as i think it is or im doing something wrong?





    You are correct that changing your locale will only affect currencies and date formatting. The Intervals interface is only available in english for now. Once we do start adding additional language support, spanish will be on the top of the list for languages to add. Thanks for your input!


    Hi all,

    I am new at myintervals, any progress with additional languages? Thanks.


    Full localization of the interface is not on the roadmap at this time but it is being considered and we appreciate the feedback. Our main area of concern is that we take pride in giving a very hi level of support and introducing additional languages has big ramifications on the support front. For the near-term we plan to keep adding support for various locales while keeping the interface is English.



    we recently set up intervals as our main project management app, and most of our staff deals well with english, but not all, so, as a spanish team, we request as well the spanish translation. Any news for this feature in the roadmap?


    Full localization is not on the development plan yet. The previous comment from June 2010 is still valid.

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