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Seperately Track what We bill clients and What we pay freelancers?

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    Is there any way to to do this? If we're paying someone $35/hr and billing out $75 to the client, it would be great to automatically record that and automatically calculate amounts due to freelancers based on their clocked, recorded and approved time.

    Also, we pay some freelancers different rates based on each project, making time sheets even more complicated. If that was another option, it would be fantastic.

    So far, this is the only thing my company needs that I can't find in this software. It's otherwise amazing.


    • Michael
    • Oct 2nd 2008 edited @ 10/06/2008 11:06 am

    There isn't a native way to do this within the interface, but you can export a report and apply the costs. We do this with the cross chart report and then delete the columns for employees leaving only sub contractors. It is a couple of steps but not too bad. Here is a related discussion about tracking employee hourly versus company hourly that might be useful.

    • jnhearne
    • Oct 2nd 2008 edited @ 10/02/2008 11:10 am

    He he. yeah now we're getting somewhere. Michael has suggested to me in the past if you are going to keep track of someone's rates you can put them in the notes section of their Profile. The notes are only seen by admins.

    Now it would be Totally nice if employee hourly got factored into an "estimated v actual" type side link, then I'd be all over it.


    Not sure how difficult it would be, but why not add a people type (Salary, Contractor) and also people bill rate and people pay rate on the people screen. Then on the Project team add a column for bill rate, which is defaulted to the bill rate on the people record when team member is a Contractor type. Allow the rate to be changed on the Project team screen.

    Then if you can use this information in the time export and "estimated v actual" link, it would be very usalable! (down the road it can be included in the Quickbooks export)


    Oh very nice!
    I am setting up my first experience with intervals now and was looking for this precise feature.

    Like I said, just learning here, maybe you can answer this work-around I was thinking on; on a project-by-project basis I could set the actual rates for staff as a work type, and their name as a type. then tell them to use this for all project work ie; is not billed based on time. the the Actual compared to the invoice would then show me the profit margin per job. Is there a report that will do this?

    Excuse me, it is still within the first hour of playing with Intervals.

    Has this feature ever been reconsidered for a new features request. I would also love to see this feature. I have many subcontractors who log hours and their "pay" rate is different then what I bill my clients. Currently I do just export reports to Excel then change the subs pay rate. This however is more inconvenient. I would love this to be an integrated feature.

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