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Track Employee hourly or salary against Company Hourly.

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    I would like to see how much money we are paying certain employees on projects. All employees have different wages. Some are hourly and some are Salary. maybe the salary could be figured based upon their Gross yearly - a 40 hour work week - minus certain holidays, time off, and sick days. It would be nice to place this hourly or salary (pulldown) on the individuals "Add Person" profile. So this shows up when performing reviews.
    • jnhearne
    • Nov 28th 2007 edited @ 11/28/2007 10:32 am

    I had to pull out my calculator the other day and figure out the cost of an expensive freelancer.

    Overages are nice when you can get them, but usually a client sets his budget and fights tooth and nail to get the work originally bid to him. So 75% of the time we have to work within the confines of the budget.

    I want to make sure I am not overpaying ANYBODY. I seriously need to see how much money I am losing (If I'm losing any at all) in the dash board. This gets extremely hard to keep up with.

    I think having a Freelancers/employees rate (hourly, daily, weekly in his "People" profile) calculate against the budget, would be extremely helpful to push clients along. It will avoid project creep that will inevitably come out of my pocket.

    If having not having the ability to enter the Wage amount that a Resource charges, can we at least have the Note Section of the People's Viewed Profile have the option General notes or Private notes? If an admin makes a private note in the Resource's Profile Only He or she and the admins will be able to see it.

    The notes that be added to the user profile can only be viewed by Administrators level users...sounds like we should make that more clear. Thank you for the heads up.

    Regarding the issue of rates per user, we have kicked this around some. We typically export a cross chart and then add in the rates, but that is not necessarily a real-time view. One of the things we have learned that complicates things is that some people price contractors our per type of work per project. So instead of Jim is $40 per hour you could have a tricky scenario like:

    Project 1
    Contractor Jim - Production - $25
    Contractor Jim - Development - $40

    Project 2
    Contractor Jim - Production - $35
    Contractor Jim - Development - $50

    That would add quite a bit of complexity so we are still taking it slow and looking for a simpler solution...


    I see. Yes that would complicate things.

    we have individuals that have:

    Production Prices
    Post production Prices

    But for the most part those are Super Humans and are very rare (and talented I might add). Our Full time employees have work descriptions and usually perform multiple tasks for one price.

    Same for about 90% (best estimate) of our freelance staff. We usually hire a person for one particular talent, and (as pigeon hole-ly as this might sound) that is usually all they will get hired for.

    Maybe there is a way to incorporte Module pay rate. If only one field (required) is filled in that's the only pay that will be calculated. But each module created would give a pay rate field on the people profile.

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