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stupid questions ?

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    New to Intervals, and have some questions - most likely a stupid one, but why not : )

    1. When entering the project budget - is this what we SOLD the project at to the client or is this the budget for OUR COST of completing the project?

    2. Leading from question one, is there a way to enter hourly rates for my resources?

    3. If we bill flat rates for our projects to our clients, but only use HOURS on tasks to plan the project (schedule, resources, priorities, etc.) is there any use to putting in an hourly rate for each module? or even further the budget?

    4. any way to carry over tasks from one project to the next? most of our 80+ projects have the same tasks...

    Thanks for your help everyone! I guess I'm just a bit confused on budgeting here... we're not planning on using Intervals for billing, or dont even want to have clients in here - simply for internal task/resource management and tracking.


    Thanks for getting on board with Intervals. Here are some answers for you.

    1. The project budget is what you SOLD the project at. The idea here is to enter the amount you are estimating the project will cost the client. This gives you a baseline for calculating whether or not you are over budget.

    2. Intervals does not do job costing at this time. The hourly rates you enter in the project estimate will be used for calculating estimate vs. actual reports.

    3. Yes. Although you may not be billing the client for this time, it is a good idea to enter it for internal tracking purposes. When you flat bid a project you still want to know how close you came to your bid.

    4. You can use the "copy task" link in the left column of the task to copy it over to another project. We are also working on task templates, which can be used to quickly create tasks for a project.

    • Michael
    • Sep 12th 2008 edited @ 09/12/2008 4:53 pm

    Regarding #4, if your projects are similar you can create project templates and then copy the project. Here is a separate forum discussion on copying a project.

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