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Tracking non-project related time

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    • blinkmg
    • Jul 30th 2008 edited @ 07/30/2008 9:45 am

    So far, during our demo, we love intervals. It's exactly what we've been looking for - almost. Yet that almost is probably a lack of understanding:

    It seems the only way to track time on tasks if for them to be related to a project. Correct? Projects are mandatory when setting up a task? We'd like to track all of our time, including time not related to related to specific projects (though related to a client), and agency time. Also, if there is some site maintenance for a website that we did 3 months ago, do I need to leave that project open in order to add time to it? or leave a project open for a site we just finished in anticipation of 4-5 hours a month or two from now? I'm on the tier with 15 projects here. :)

    What about time not directly related to a project? Say time estimating FOR a project. What about agency time? Time updating our own website, writing e-newsletters, blog articles etc. Do those all need their own project?


    Intervals is indeed very project centric. Time, documents, invoices, project notes, and tasks are all attached to a project. Here is a somewhat related discussion on non client related tracking that might be helpful.

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