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QuickBooks Data Export

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    One of the main items in the Intervals development queue is a QuickBooks export. This feature will allow users to export invoices, payments, expenses, and time tracking data into QuickBooks. Please share any input you may have. We want to be sure to include our users as we build this out.

    On technical note, we are reviewing the IIF and QBXML formats for this feature.


    We are all for it!

    Just bought QuickBooks cause we are getting so much bigger! We need to manage a more tax based/payroll/accounting features that QB offers.

    We used to be all over Basecamp and loved it at the start but they really fell of in the features dept. We love what intervals is all about and our clients/ex-users do to!

    Did some research on import/export Quickbooks and came to a google search on ""
    ChronoPipe is a utility that enables you to quickly and easily import Basecamp Time Entries to QuickBooks.

    hope this helps let me know if it does.


    Exporting hours into QuickBooks was one of our criteria in evaluating web-based PM software. This would be much appreciated.


    Yes, we would like to use this feature. QB export is a commonly requested feature for small business PM users in general.

    The challenge is to map the information so that the Service Items, Customers, Jobs, Invoices and so on are matched up with logical things in Intervals. But rather than trying to hit a home run, it would be appreciated if you published what you have ready as soon as you can, and then tweaked and improved it with user input.


    Would defintely welcome a QB export. Did some digging and found the following:
    (hopefully it would be useful)


    During Q1 we were expecting to get invoices exportable into QuickBooks. It turned out to be a three month exercise in futility. The main reason for this is that there are far too many dependencies in QuickBooks that do not have equivalents in Intervals. After using ourselves as guinea pigs, and being subsequently bailed out by our bookkeeper (Thanks Elaine!), we realized that our time would be better spent on exporting time into QuickBooks instead.

    And as I read through the previous forum posts I see that there is a general consensus that what our customers would really like is the ability to export time entries into QuickBooks. We'll be building this feature out next, now that we laid the other to rest. Be on the lookout for this new feature. It can't be that hard to build, right? ;)

    Is there any way to know an estimate time of when this feature might come out? This is a key decision making factor for us going forward with intervals.
    Here is the most current timeline on this feature and some other upcoming items.

    The QuickBooks export is officially live. From within your Intervals account navigate over to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> QuickBooks to get started. Here is a separate forum discussion on enabling the export functionality.

    I was expecting to be able to export invoices directly into Quickbooks, and just update the accounts receivable within Quickbooks (vs. tracking time and creating invoices right in Quickbooks itself.) Is this still on the horizon?
    We ran into too many problems trying to export invoices directly into QuickBooks. The amount of dependencies were just too intertwined to get the data into QuickBooks in any recognizable format. And this was after working with our accountants, who are QuickBooks power users, for several weeks. Unfortunately, to make this work we would have to make Intervals look and act more like QuickBooks, and that is not something we are wanting to do. The best thing to do is import the time into QuickBooks and build your invoices there.

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