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how to import a list of clients

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    Am I really missing something? I have a list of clients I want to import (not retype). I'm guessing I'm missing something right in front of me...




    Presently Intervals does not have a client import mechanisms only export capabilities, but this is on our roadmap and has gained more interest lately. We plan to start developing an API and a data import the first quarter of next year. I agree that we really need to make it easier to get data into Intervals.

    Thanks for the suggestion - Michael


    Is there an update on the timing for this?



    I see that this may be in beta, but cannot find any further information. I am trying to decide between Intervals and Freshbooks. I am currently entrenched in Freshbooks and this would be a huge push for me [not trying to incentivize, just trying to explain why I'd bother being motivated to ask so urgently ;-)].

    Jen Driller


    You best bet is co directly contact our support team. Please feel free to email or click on the feature request link within your account and let us know that you are interested in the client import. Typically we receive a sample CSV file and our development team reviews it. If things look good we can run the import on your behalf.


    ## Update ##

    The client import launched in April and it is available by navigating to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Import Data. There is a sample CSV file available that can be used as a template for the import. The next import scheduled to go live is a person import.

    The person import is officially live. If you navigate into the people section there is an import link or you can navigate into the import data section within settings & defaults.
    • Michael
    • Oct 7th 2011 edited @ 10/07/2011 10:31 am

    If you need more information on running any of the import please have a look at this forum discussion with tips and tricks, required fields, etc.

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