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Tips & Tricks [Sticky, Closed]

How do I import data into Intervals? Is there any help on running the imports?

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    • jprado
    • Sep 30th 2011 edited @ 01/25/2018 4:25 pm

    Intervals can import many types of items into your account, below is a detailed description with screenshots included.

    Each import has required fields and must not be left blank. Here for example, date, amount, project and type show as highlighted in orange to signify that they are required.

    Note: The following tutorial requires that your account have access the Settings & Defaults section. If you don't have access to this area you need to contact your intervals administrator (or whoever setup your account) and have them give you access.

    You can also grab sample CSV template files by navigating to Settings & Defaults >> Import Data and clicking on the links on the sidebar.

    After the mapping step, you will be displayed one or two groups of items. If there are items that are valid for importing, they will display in the top table. Bolded values suggest the item has been found within the account and will correctly be associated with the item being imported.

    If there are items that are not available for importing, they will display on the bottom table. The bottom table displays individual errors for each of the column values. They will display in red and will be italicized.

    Both the tables will display up to 50 items. Be prepared to go back and forth between the mapping and preview step if your data needs any massaging or if you have a great deal of items to import (such as importing time entries ). We recommend splitting the import into multiple files if that is the case.

    You can undo an import by going to Options >> Settings & Defaults >> Import Data and clicking Import history link on the left side bar. After an import is deleted all items associated with the import are deleted permanently.

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