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Is it possible to have a discussion or better a video of a typical workflow

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    For new users, like myself, it would be very helpful to either have a discussion or better yet a video demo of how someone users intervals. For instance, do you open a project, then create ALL the task you think you'll need for that project...or do you open the first task, complete that - close it, then open the next task, etc.?

    I'm sure we'll figure things out...but a nice video of intervals in use...or a description (case study) of how to use it in certain scenarios would be helpful to us newbies.

    We have a video support series that is set to launch shortly. We hope to answer the most common questions and show typical uses of Intervals. We will announce it as soon as we launch it.
    Just noticed a your truly helpful "getting started with intervals" under "help" menu found in the lower left....this is very helpful (no pun intended). Guess I should have poked around a little before I started posting....but if you're expanding upon your video library I'm sure it'll only make things easier.
    Your first comment came in exactly one day before we launched the video series :). If you have any thoughts on areas we should cover more deeply, please let us know.

    Along these lines, a few more examples of effective Modules and Work Types would be very helpful. My business is somewhat related to software development, but the default Modules and Work Types don't quite fit and I've had a little trouble getting comfortable in creating my own. In passing, I noticed that some of your new instruction videos displayed more fleshed out Modules (presumably what you are using internally)... this helped a bit but some more examples would be quite welcome, for those of us who need just a little more hand holding. :)

    P.S. the video format is great for initial training, but for actually setting things up just some lists posted here in the forum would probably be the easiest reference to go back and forth from.


    Thanks for the feedback. We could definitely do more detailed video examples instead of just hi level. We will definitely keep that in mind.

    Here is a separate post on modules that may be helpful in the short-term:

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