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Is there away to Change the UI color choice

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    Just so I can match my branding a little better and make things easier for my employees when it comes to getting them adjusted to my various ways of Tracking everything. I have a method for tracking Movie files and Audio files that I don't find Intervals handy for. However I love the PM of Intervals. So to make things as seamless as possible to everybody working on this I would love to have the ability to adjust the colors of various backgrounds and fonts.
    • Michael
    • Sep 3rd 2009 edited @ 09/03/2009 10:35 am

    Unfortunately there is not a way to further customize the themes at this time but we do have plans to address this. We will be integrating the current themes further into the emails, adding additional themes, and adding the ability to create your own theme. Additional themes and custom themes is tentatively scheduled for Q4.  

    • Michael
    • May 8th 2024 edited @ 05/08/2024 3:45 pm

    ## Update ##

    We have support for two options on this front. A custom theme editor and an advanced theme editor that can be used if you are comfortable with editing CSS. More information on the theme customization options are available on our help site here

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