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Assign a task to multiple persons

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    We often have people working in parallel on one task/assignment. it would be nice to be able to assign different people to the same task.


    Yes, this would be immensely useful. Please consider implementing this.
    I've asked for this in the past and am hoping it is something that could quickly be moved into developement.
    Just more affirmation that we'd like to see this as well. it would be nice as well if, when you do assign more than one person, the time estimated for that task per person recalculates (rather than each person seeing the total estimated time).

    Presently we do not have this in our short-term development road map (here is a rough outline of the Intervals roadmap if you are interested). We are believers in the one to one relationship with tasks and having an owner and an assignee.

    When we first developed Intervals we dabbled with multiples and with groups and we concluded that if someone isn't directly responsible for a task something gets lost. Group tasks and tasks assigned to multiple people took more management effort to keep them moving forward. With how Intervals is currently rigged, we handle this by either assigning multiple tasks OR moving a task from one person to the next OR by having multiple people work on one task. Since Intervals has project level permissions any member of a project team can work on another persons tasks if they have access to the same project.

    The milestones piece we have been planning for awhile is also related to this so that a deliverable with multiple tasks can be managed more effectively (Milestones and Calendar View).

    Our development roadmap is constantly changing, but I wanted to update this topic on how we currently see it. Thanks for all the thoughts.

    • jack
    • Apr 29th 2008
    One to one tasks is not real world. Large projects have many tasks that are worked on as a team. For example, user training participation. There are 10 people on the team to be trained. Each should have this task. Testing and validation of large implementations uses many resources to participate in the process of entering scripted data and validating the results.

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