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    I am curious to get feedback on whether or not you would use RSS for tasks? This feature has been very similar to the Intervals API for us. We thought that a lot of our users would clamor for an API and RSS but much to our surprise neither has not been a highly requested feature. If I had to estimate the request for Invoices vs. RSS is probably 50 - 1.

    We have RSS on our long-term road map, but it would be great to get additional feedback.


    Absolutely I would use RSS for tasks. In fact, I was just searching the forums looking for it. Intervals is a fantastic tool, but from a project management standpoint, I also have need of communication tools. Your product has some communication features but not enough to give me all that I need. I'm working on a wiki that I can use for that purpose, and it would be great to embed a 30boxes calendar of tasks (or something similar) on a page of the wiki that taps an Intervals RSS feed. Then folks can see at a glance what's coming up.

    Also, I don't necessarily want to give everybody on my project access to Intervals (some, for example, are not charging time to me)...but they still need to be kept in the loop of what's going on. In that case, I'd give them the wiki, but not Intervals...and they still know the complete picture (or whatever picture I want to show them based on how I tailor the feed).

    Anyway, just my two cents. :-)



    Great idea! Intervals can be a stronger communication tool with the addition of a few RSS feeds. This makes us ponder how an application can't be just about one thing; communication versus accountability versus workflow. To be effective, Intervals really needs to embrace all of the components of a small business and distill them into an intuitive online tool.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    I am a new user and so far I see this as the best opportunity for improvement. I would like to see RSS feeds for tasks and projects so they could pop up on my screen as the group logs them in, even when out of the office.

    Yes, was just looking to see if I could get my tasks as RSS feeds and found this forum entry.

    Yes, would definitely use RSS feeds so I can remotely monitor new tasks/updates and changes.

    It would be nice perhaps to use existing saved filters and have separate rss feeds for each project, etc.

    Looking forward to this, great product you have here. It has really improved this past year. Love the milestones and monthly calendar.

    Good job!

    • jrak
    • Jan 28th 2009
    I would also definitely be interested in getting tasks as RSS feeds. Is there any status on to if/when we could expect this feature?

    Yes, we do have RSS feeds for Tasks on our roadmap scheduled to launch sometime around the new year. Probably will be after to be honest. At this point we have ideas to add RSS feeds to tasks, milestones, and anything else we can bolt them onto. We'll likely be implementing them using HTTP Basic Authentication so that they will be accessible across multiple RSS readers that support authentication and can be customized to each persons view of said task.

    RSS Feeds are definitely high on our priority list and we are trying to develop them, along with a few other high priority features, as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Stay tuned, as we'll likely send out an email one they do launch.

    Meanwhile, if you have any ideas to share about what should be available via RSS, please let us know.

    Any update on this? I'm dying for this feature to keep my Calendars in Sync.
    • Michael
    • Apr 23rd 2010 edited @ 10/09/2012 12:51 pm
    The roadmap post here is probably worth a look. Additional iCal and RSS are currently on the roadmap but it does change periodically.

    Just an FYI RSS was added to the project feed as part of the October Intervals update. More information is available here on the blog.

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