Project Management: Cultivate Successful Projects

Cultivate Successful Projects

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Does Project Management really need to be Gantt Charts, earned value analysis, PERT, and resource allocation? Do I have to use enterprise project management software? If you feel comfortable with all of those things and if they help you get your projects done on time and under budget why not...but you don't have to do that.

The PMI, PMBOK track makes a lot of sense for a lot of Project Managers. We started here too, but quickly learned that for most small companies it's all too overwhelming and makes it harder to get stuff done. You spend more time trying to manage your projects than actually getting tasks done.

For the small company it often comes down to the standard project management cycle:

Predict >> Track >> Learn

Translated into the day-to-day:

Create a contract based on some sort of specification >> Track the actual tasks and effort >> Take what you learned into the next contract/project.

The tools needed for that cycle can be a lot less cumbersome.

Intervals is about getting work done, empowering your workers to have every piece of information they need to work efficiently, tracking that work, communicating openly with clients, having real-time status of what's going on, and get meaningful reporting from the whole cycle.

Intervals hits the sweet spot between so simple it doesn't do enough and so complicated no one will use it.

Project Management Highlights

Your employees and contractors are actively hammering away at tasks and tracking time. The data that is essential to your business is now being used in a meaningful way. Dynamic graphs, snapshot reports, detailed project activity reports, data exporting and real time management of your projects are now a reality.

Answer questions like:

  • Is our team being maximized?
  • Are we over budget yet?
  • What the heck have I been working on?
  • How much work did we get done this week?
  • How much time did my subcontractor spend this month?