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Painless Time Tracking

Keep track of billable and non-billable time with simple, one-click timers, weekly timesheets, and detailed reports. Intervals makes it easy to track and analyze your team’s efforts on every job. Never again wonder “where is my time going?”

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Elegant, Detailed Reports

Flexible reports provide high level flybys and low level deep dives into your time. Gauge project health and profitability in seconds while leveraging your data to create more accurate project estimates.

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Intervals is more than just time tracking software…

Comprehensive task management

Comprehensive Task Management

Intervals gives you the tools to easily manage the moving pieces while still collaborating on every last detail. Organize and streamline your company’s workflow, because better organization equals a higher level of client professionalism.

Detailed Time Tracking

Detailed Time Tracking

Track time for each person on your team and analyze their productivity on client projects. Quickly determine which clients require the most of your company’ time and resources, and, which clients aren’t receiving enough. Once you know exactly where your time is going, profitability is only a step away.

Stunning Reports and Dashboards

Stunning Reports and Dashboards

Analyze every detail of every project to find out what worked and what did not. Visual dashboards provide high level overviews of project health. Detailed reports translate your data into meaningful pictures, making it your most powerful asset in making more informed business decisions.

Personalized Project Management

Personalized Project Management

Go beyond basic task management and time tracking — tailor Intervals to fit your company’s workflow. Manage every detail of every project in one place while revealing deep insights into what makes your company productive and profitable.

Andreas Bollongino, Controlling Group
We are using Intervals at our small but growing company. For the first time in my 15 year consulting career we are well structured and communicating well with our clients. Invoicing is now fast and fun!
Clark Becker, RidgeRun
Our company moved over to Intervals from AtTask™. Intervals is a very well designed and professional that fits our service business much better and is priced much more reasonably.

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