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3 active projects



10 active projects

Not so Basic


15 active projects



30 active projects



50 active projects

Top Shelf


100 active projects



Unlimited active projects
Intervals pricing includes unlimited users on all plans

All plans include unlimited users

Except Lite Plan, which includes 3 users

Standard features

All plans include all standard features. Upgrade for more active projects and document storage, not features.

Time tracking

Time tracking

Structure and track time the way you want. Easy-to-use timers and weekly timesheets tell you exactly where your time is going.
Task Management

Task management

Break down projects into tasks, then delegate and track your work with custom workflows.


Detailed reports and visual dashboards give you unparalleled insight into your projects and tasks.
Project Management

Project Management

All of the features you need to estimate and execute your projects while keeping them under budget and on schedule.
Document Storage

Document storage

Sharing documents on projects, milestones, and tasks keeps gives your team highly relevant information when and where they need it most.


Generate detailed invoices based on the actual time worked. Simplify the billing process and get paid on time.


Stay up to date with interactive calendars that include drag and drop functionality for rescheduling your projects, milestones, and tasks.
Work Request Queue

Work request queue

Collect client requests and tickets in one central queue, then assign them to your team and report back to the client on their progress.
Mobile App

Mobile app

Manage projects, update tasks, track time, and more from anywhere. Get work done when you can't be at your desk.
Clients and contacts

Clients and contacts

Manage clients and contacts alongside their projects with lightweight CRM features designed to ease reporting and keep everyone in the loop.


Group your tasks into waterfall-style milestones or agile-friendly sprints, so your team can prioritize their work.


Make Intervals your own with different visual themes, branding options, and advanced CSS customization.


Our support team is here to provide personalized email support with quick responses, even during evenings and weekends.


A RESTful programming interface gives you unfettered access to your data, so you can extend the Intervals platform with your own customizations.


Share your data with your favorite apps and expand the Intervals platform with third party integrations from Slack, QuickBooks, Google, and more.

Frequently asked questions about Intervals pricing and plans

What is an active project?

An active project is one that is in progress. Once a project is completed, set it to inactive and it will not count against your monthly total. An inactive project is akin to an archived project.

Will my bill be pro-rated if I upgrade?

No. We do not bill a pro-rated amount when you upgrade your account. Your account will be billed once a month, at your current plan's price.

What happens when I upgrade?

When you upgrade your plan you immediately get the benefits, but you won't pay the new plan price until your next monthly billing anniversary.

Are the number of users really unlimited?

Yes! Our plans are based on the number of projects you are managing, not people, so you can add more resources without paying a penalty. The only exception is our Lite plan, which was introduced with solopreneurs and tiny teams in mind.

What happens if I run out of document storage space?

If you happen to use up all of the storage on your current plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to a higher plan or delete documents to stay on your current tier.

How long has Intervals been around?

We launched Intervals during the summer of 2006. Since then, we've been adding new features, iterating on existing ones, and improving performance. Read our story.

Do you offer nonprofit discounts?

We offer discounted pricing on a case by case basis for not for profit organizations. Please contact our support team if you are interested in Intervals pricing for non profits.

Why so many plans?

We designed the Intervals pricing and plan tiers to be flexible and fit different sizes and types of business. Whether you manage a few projects, or a lot of projects, there is an Intervals plan to fit your workload and budget.

Is Intervals for me?

We originally built Intervals to handle the needs of our web design and development agency. But we also made it flexible enough that we now have customers from every sector you can imagine. If you need custom workflows, detailed time tracking, and advanced reporting, Intervals is a good fit.

Where are your customers located?

We have a global clientele. About 60% of our customers are in the United States; with about 20% across Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The last 20% are all over the globe with users in over 100 countries in every time zone.