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Some of us love organization, others hate it… Yet, organization is an essential requirement for any successful business. Intervals organizes your workflow in one place, making it easy to track time and manage tasks.

Get Organized
Two Minute Introduction
Intervals Two Minute Introduction
Running Time: 1:48

Get Organized

Intervals is a hosted task, time & project tracking service. When we first started developing Intervals we called it an "accountability system." Accountability for you to your clients and the contracts you are fulfilling and accountability from your workers to you. Intervals is a great way to quickly get a grasp of what you are working on and how long it is taking instead of relying on antiquated time tracking spreadsheet reports.

  • No software to install
  • Hosted application (no IT team needed)
  • Get all updates and new features when they're ready
  • No annual contract (month to month billing)
  • Easy data export
  • Create your team, types of work, and first project in minutes
High Level View
Intervals Introduction
In-depth Intervals Intro
Running Time: 4:35

We built Intervals after trying just about every "project management solution" "timesheet solution" "ticketing system" and "bug tracker" out there. Nothing worked for us so we created Intervals. Intervals is the one place you do all of your work, keep all of your notes and track all of your time.

The best part, you just get used to putting everything into Intervals and then one day you have a bunch of data and stumble into the reports section. The reports section has everything we need to know the health of our business. Which clients are we working on? Which projects are we working on? What's our average hourly rate? Do we need to bill someone? Do we need to hire someone?

Tracking your information in one place can be very powerful. Need a custom report? Export your data and roll your own report.

Never lose an hour
Time tracking video
Time Tracking Overview
Running Time: 4:08

Time Tracking

Our time tracking software enables you to easily keep track of your time. Whenever you are working on anything, simply start a timer. Intervals project management software makes it easy to add time to tasks and you learn a lot about your business.

  • Integrated task timers
  • Weekly timesheet submissions and approvals
  • System generated "nags" for past due timesheets
  • Meaningful visual reports
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Great alternative to clunky time tracking spreadsheets.

If you are a dollar-for-hour company, tracking your time is a necessary evil. Whether you flat bid or bill hourly, you need to know how your projects are progressing in real-time. Even if you don't bill hourly, knowing where your time is going is invaluable.

Weekly Hour Graph

Intervals marries online time tracking with task management to make tracking time more natural. This union also makes reporting a lot more powerful, as you can break down your workday by projects and tasks.

Not a fan of timers? Add time manually at your leisure. For those needing more structure, track time on every task or use general timers to track time at the project level. Time is money, it's important to know where it's going. Losing track of time can shrink your margins and put you out of business.

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Weekly Timesheets & Approvals
Running Time: 7:17

Out of the office? Utilize the mobile version to track time while on the go.

Intervals was built not only to track time, but to make meaningful sense out of where time is going. Understanding which projects are taking your time and how that time is being spent is crucial to any business.

Task list
Video Icon
Task Management Overview
Running Time: 6:22

Task Management

Easily view what tasks you are assigned and when they are due. View the work history and work notes for each task.

  • Daily task assignments via email
  • Milestones to manage deliverables
  • Drag and drop rescheduling
  • Email updates on status changes
  • Mobile App for updating tasks on the go
  • Data capture and archiving
Video Icon
Milestones & Multi Task Deliverables
Running Time: 4:07

Intervals is flexible task management. Some web-based project management services include “task management” as an afterthought. Intervals, however, marries task and time tracking. Tasks include document uploads, document versioning, notes and comments, due dates, task status, and daily email reminders about what is due.

Milestone progress

Having evolved from a traditional ticketing system, Intervals excels at workflow and managing the life of tasks. You are one click away from knowing which tasks are open or closed, or filter them by your own custom task status settings.

If you need to manage a deliverable or a critical point in the life cycle of your project use milestones. Milestones can be used to group tasks together and quickly evaluate how close the deliverable is to completion. If the milestone needs to be rescheduled simply drag and drop it and all of the tasks and future milestone can be rescheduled.

Your historical day-to-day task workflow can be evaluated and analyzed using several intelligent reports, so you can easily quantify time tracked and efforts spent. You are working hard, it shouldn't be hard to prove it.


Cultivate Successful Projects
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Project Management Overview
Running Time: 5:26

Project Management

Your employees and contractors are actively hammering away at tasks and tracking time. The data that is essential to your business is now being used in a meaningful way. Dynamic graphs, snapshot reports, detailed project activity reports, data exporting and real time management of your projects are now a reality. Need to check in on a project when you are on the go? No problem, use the mobile app to check in on your projects.

Answer questions like:

  • Is our team being maximized?
  • Are we over budget yet?
  • What the heck have I been working on?
  • How much work did we get done this week?
  • How much time did my subcontractor spend this month?

Does Project Management really need to be Gantt Charts, earned value analysis, PERT, and resource allocation? Do I have to use enterprise project management software? If you feel comfortable with all of those things and if they help you get your projects done on time and under budget why not...but you don't have to do that.

Cultivate Successful Projects

No more guessing about where a project stands.

For the small company it often comes down to the standard project management cycle:

Predict ➔ Track ➔ Learn

Translated into the day-to-day:

  1. Create a contract based on some sort of specification.
  2. Track the actual tasks and effort.
  3. Take what you learned into the next contract/project.

The tools needed for that cycle can be a lot less cumbersome.

Intervals is about getting work done, empowering your workers to have every piece of information they need to work efficiently, tracking that work, communicating openly with clients, having real-time status of what's going on, and get meaningful reporting from the whole cycle.

Intervals hits the sweet spot between so simple it doesn't do enough and so complicated no one will use it.

Weekly Trends Report
Video Icon
Reports Overview
Running Time: 7:10


Report on your data in very granular ways or take a hi level view. Intervals features a variety of graphic and tabular reports throughout with easy ways to export and manipulate your data.

  • Real time graphing
  • Weekly Trends (very valuable if you have weekly goals for hours)
  • Determine which clients and projects are taking the most time
  • Billable vs. Unbillable time
  • Data export to CSV and XML
  • Save your favorite reports for one click retrieval

Managing all of your projects and tracking all of your time in one central place is a powerful concept. When we first developed Intervals we didn't realize how powerful the "business intelligence" portion would be. We knew we needed to get organized and track our time and projects better, but we didn't know how powerful bolting on a few reports to that information would be. Time can be analyzed in very granular or hi level ways.

Are we trending up or trending down? Do we need to hire another person? Which client have we done the most work for in the last year? What types of work are we doing? Who is our most billable employee? Are we over budget on this project?

These questions can be answered in just a few clicks with Intervals.

Never lose an hour
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Documents Overview
Running Time: 3:24

Document Storage

Keep all of the files you need to get work done in the same place that you do the work.

  • Version control your files
  • Upload documents to files and tasks
  • Tags for organic classification
  • Access your files from anywhere with Internet access
  • No file type restrictions

Where did I put that image? Nope, that’s the wrong one. I know I updated it. Shoot, it must be on my home computer. No more with Intervals. Stop losing track of support documentation. With Intervals you can upload any type of file to the project or task you are working on.

Most workflows require more than just instructions, they require additional files containing copy, images, drawings, etc. Upload and share files with your team. Intervals features flexible document storage to handle all of your documents. Your files are accessible anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. Control access to files to keep your private documents private.

Constantly updating the same file? Intervals versions your files so you can track iterations over time. Don’t like the latest evolution? Just revert to a previous document with one click.

Upload any file you need to manage your projects and tasks and quickly retrieve them from anywhere that has internet access.

What types of files can you upload? contracts, logos, screenshots, design comps, copy, photos, work requests, …there are no file type restrictions — upload whatever you need to get your work done.

Customizable visual themes
Time tracking video
How to Personalize Intervals
Running Time: 5:08


Intervals shows your customers that you have an established process and a powerful way of doing work.

  • Upload your logo
  • Select a visual theme that fits you or upload your own CSS for a fully customized experience
  • Customizable defaults (work types, hourly rates, task statuses, priorities, and more)
  • Support for non US currencies
  • Support for non US date and time formats
  • Supports unicode characters including Mandarin & Chinese

Intervals is a service to help you manage your work. Since it is "your work", Intervals lets you personalize the experience to match your way.

Default Modules
Default Modules
Running Time: 3:59

Change the default colors, upload your logo, set your default work types and hourly rates. Intervals can easily be customized to match your business processes and workflow.

Not doing your work in the US? Intervals supports over 70 non US locales for currency and date/time formats. Doing work in the UK, Canada, Australia or Sweden? Simply change one site setting in Intervals. The interface is always in English with character support for all unicode characters including Mandarin & Chinese.

Need to get at your data and create custom reports or functionality? No problem. The API can be utilized to customize how you interact with your Intervals account.

Customizable invoices
Video Icon
Invoices Overview
Running Time: 4:30


Create invoices easily and more often. Bill your clients for the work you are doing in the same place you are managing your projects.

  • Automated overdue invoice alerts sent to your inbox
  • Create invoices based on actual work performed
  • Create freestyle invoices any way you like
  • Include minute details of work performed
  • Supports Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other second taxes
  • Get invoices in front of your clients quicker
  • Improve cash flow

Need to get paid? Whether you are a dollar-for-hour shop, encourage pre-pay, or bill per project, invoicing with Intervals empowers you generate invoices using the same online software you use to manage your projects, time, and tasks.

Outstanding balances report

Invoices are seamlessly integrated with accurate time tracking, making billing clients easy for small businesses. Simply select a start and end date and Intervals will pull all of your billable hours into an invoice that you can print, save, export to PDF, or email to your client. If you don't bill hourly, you can create a freestyle invoice and customize it however you like it.

Small businesses must endure the stress and nuances of erratic cash flow. Create invoices in Intervals to get paid early and often, and maintain a financial perspective on managing projects. Does this client owe us money? Should we continue working on their project? Should we stop work on this project until we get paid? How long has it been since they paid? All of these questions can easily be answered so you can make informed decisions.

Intervals goes even further to make invoicing easy and flexible. The outstanding balances report let's you know who owes you money and how much of that amount has not been invoiced, making it quick and simple to generate and send out invoices. And for QuickBooks™ power users who prefer to track their time in Intervals and generate invoices in QuickBooks™, you can export timesheets and reports to avoid having to double enter data. Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other second taxes are supported as well, making it easy to generate invoices in any country.

Roll Your Own with the API

The Intervals API allows you to incorporate your Intervals data into your own applications, be they desktop, web-based, or mobile. You can use this data to generate your own reports and metrics, or create new ways of accessing and presenting the Intervals user experience.

  • Build custom functionality using your account data
  • Visualize your data with custom reports
  • Develop add-ons to expand the Intervals platform

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