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QuickBooks Online Integration

Connect your QuickBooks Online account and copy your Intervals invoices to the popular online accounting service.

To get started, click to view an invoice and then click the QuickBooks icon in the upper right corner. QuickBooks can also be connected under Options -> Settings & Defaults -> QuickBooks.

» Read the QuickBooks Online integration guide


Export invoices from Intervals and import them in to Xero, The online accounting software alternative to QuickBooks. Save time by importing Intervals invoices into Xero rather than having to recreate each one. To get started, click to view an invoice and save it as a Xero formatted CSV file by clicking on the Xero icon.

» Read the Xero integration guide


Easily sync Intervals invoices with FreshBooks, the popular cloud accounting platform. Track your time and manage your work in Intervals and easily get your invoices into FreshBooks where you can manage them and send them to your clients.

To get started, click to view an invoice and then click on the export icon and selecting FreshBooks from the menu.

» Read the FreshBooks integration guide
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QuickBooks Desktop

If you use QuickBooks and Intervals you can export IIF files from your Intervals time data via timesheets or reports. Import your time data into QuickBooks to generate invoices, run reports, and do payroll. To utilize the functionality QBTimer must be installed in QuickBooks and your Intervals account must be configured under Options -> Settings & Defaults -> QuickBooks. This is our most popular and widely used integration.

» Read the guide for QuickBooks integration using QBTimer

Slack Integration with the Work Request Queue

Integrate incoming work requests with Slack, the popular messaging app. When a new work request shows up in your request queue, Intervals will notify your Slack room.

The new message becomes part of your chat history, where you can discuss it with your team, and click on the link to view more details and assign the request as a task.

» Read the Slack integration guide

Google Drive

Already sharing documents with your team in the cloud? Attach your Google Drive documents to projects, milestones, and tasks — ensuring your team has the most current documentation needed to complete their work. Use Google's built-in file sharing permissions to decide which team members can access each document.

» Read the Google Drive integration guide

Basecamp™ Classic

Basecamp is one of the most popular web-based project management tools. Intervals can import all or some of your Basecamp projects, people and to-dos. Outgrowing Basecamp? Copy over your data and give Intervals a try.

» Read the Basecamp integration guide


Swagger provides a set of tools for implementing APIs that adhere to the OpenAPI specification. In addition to providing easy-to-read documentation for the Intervals API spec, Swagger's tools can build API client libraries using the programming language of your choice.

» View the Intervals OpenAPI documentation on SwaggerHub

Kanban for Intervals

Kanban for Intervals

Intervals has always been a great tool for managing the Agile development process. The milestones feature, for instance, was designed with Scrum sprints in mind. It's not surprising that our customers have been asking for more Agile features, especially Kanban

» Visit the Kanban app to connect your Intervals data

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