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I am an administrator but I cannot see any tasks. What happened?

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    If you have this happen odds are that you are an Administrator level user, but are not part of the Project Team for the projects that hold the tasks you are looking for. To add yourself to Project Teams go to People >> Look up your account >> Project Access >> Edit >> Select All and Save. Also, you might want to select "add to all future" projects on the top half while you are in there.

    Why don't administrators see all tasks?
    This may seem a little odd at first, but once you get a few hundred projects in Intervals it makes more sense. Administrator accounts have access to everything and can see everything by default, except the Tasks listing is filtered by project access. This is done to prevent the drop downs from become unruly for Administrators once a bunch of information is in there...especially since Intervals is built for small business and it is common for Administators to be working on tasks as well.

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