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    Is there a way to send emails directly from Intervals to an Executive user? We have tasks that are dependent upon completed activities by the customer. We'd like to be able to log the fact that we reminded the customer that their completed activities are overdue. We have looked at assigning the completion of the task to the Executive user, but the resulting task includes all the information related to billable hours, etc. It's too confusing for a simple request to the user.

    At the same time, we want a running string of correspondence that has taken place as it relates to the project.

    Any recommendations?


    It sounds like your Executive Users are right between "being a viewer" vs. "being an active participant" in completing tasks. Executives only see high level task details (due date, total hours, task summary, etc.) and project related information (budgets, total hours, etc.). The original intent was for them to be a "viewer", but sometimes you'd like to push them one step closer...but not completely inside the process.

    Regarding emailing them, you can email Executives directly from the task. Here is a screenshot that shows the email functionality. We do this often to keep all progress on the task in one place.

    A random thing you might want to try is making your customers a Resource level user. Resources do not see budgetary related items, but they do see all comments on all tasks for the projects they have been granted access to. This would not work for us, but depending on the relationship with your customer it might.

    We do have plans to allow Executive users to make comments on tasks and vice versa. You will be able to "allow Executive users to view this comment". The functionality will be very similar to how Documents work where you can control the viewership.

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