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Disabling a Worktype for all Projects

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    There are few worktypes that we wanted to disable for all our projects as we wanted to add new one which detail the work better. I went into setting and deactivated the once that I don't need. But even after that when I go into add time I can see these workypes in the dropdown. Will deactivating a worktype from the setting section not remove it from all active project or do I need to go into each project and deactivate it individually?


    It will have to be deactivated from each project individually. When a work type is disabled in the defaults section it will remain active in projects in which it is currently being used, however it will not be added to any new projects. In essence there is not a way to cascade this change to all of the projects where it is being used. This is by design, as the defaults section mainly applies to work types when creating new projects.

    Initially when we started using Intervals we didn't define the work types very well. Now that we have a better understanding on the system we wanted to created specific work types for each team. Having to go into each account to deactivate the ones that are not relevant will be a very painful task as we have close to 100+ projects now. If I create one account for each of our team with the right type of work type and give you a list of accounts that needs to have the same work type will you be able to replicate that from the backend.


    We may be able to do this. Just send us a support request from within the application detailing how you'd like the data to be changed. We'll perform an assessment and let you know if it's possible.

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