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Closed Projects verses Inactive Projects

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    We classify projects as either Open or Completed. An Open project can be Active or Inactive.

    We need a way of getting a list of all projects for a client whether they are currently being worked on or not. However, from a task management viewpoint, we only want to see tasks for projects that are currently being worked on. (ie. "Active" in our terminology)

    We tried setting the projects to In-active, but that does not seem to allow us to separate completed projects from ones that are not currently being worked on.

    Another way of putting this would be that we separate future projects, (ie. those that have not yet been started or have been temporarily put on hold) , from projects that we are actively working on, but we need the ability to produce a report excluding just the completed projects, not the inactive ones.

    IS there some way that we can easily accomplish this on Intervals?


    There isnโ€™t a native way to add statuses to projects at this time there is one workaround that might be worth a look. A workaround is to append or prepend the status of project to the project name (for example, Status - Project Name or Project Name โ€“ Status). If you put the status out in front of the project name the drop down menus wherever the project name is mentioned will sort in that order and you can click to sort on the project listing by project name to arrange by status as well.

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