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    • sallye
    • Jan 30th 2014 edited @ 04/08/2016 12:55 pm
    Wondering how you manage your general contacts - not clients, but vendor, media, etc. We are evaluating Intervals and like what we see, but our current system lets us manage non-client records. So, if we move forward with Intervals, looks like we need a new way to manage general contacts. What are all of you using for this? We use macs...thanks.


    There are two ways to go about this. One way is to setup a client called "General Contacts" and then setup non-client records as being part of that client. Another way is to setup your company as a client.

    Under this client you'll be able to designate the rest of the data, including non-client projects and everything else that can be added such as tasks, documents etc.


    Thanks. I'll set up a Vendor client with individual contacts as people under this client. Good idea - thanks for the help.
    I set up a new vendor client and added people, with no access. Now, is there any way to allow Intervals users with less than administrator access to view these people? Or does everyone on our staff need to be set up with administrative privileges? Thanks for any ideas...
    Yes, people who cannot login are considered Contacts and are only viewable by Administrators. If a staff member needs access to a contact, then they need to be an Adminsitrator.
    Just one more question I think...can I restrict an administrator's access to specific areas of information, such as invoices? Thanks again...
    Not invoices unfortunately. There are only options to restrict access to the Settings & Defaults and Plan Info sections. You can change these by editing their profile under the Login information section.
    Thanks for the info.

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