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Add "Add Payment" Dropdown to Client, Project, or Invoice Main Tab

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    It would be really nice if you would add a Dropdown menu item either off the main Client, Invoice, or Project Tab to add a client payment. To add a client payment now you have to go through several clicks to get to the correct screen. (i.e., OR

    I know currently you have to be in a certain client or project to view the payments (hence the /#/ at the end of the sample urls). But it would be SOOOO convenient if the payment entry had their own url home page then you selected the client or project range from the dropdown (like on the project/payments url). (Example:

    Sames goes for adding or viewing a Expense entry.



    Have you tried right clicking on projects located in project listing by any chance? There is a right-click menu and it has an option to add payments. In most areas where the are lists you can usually right click to get shortcuts to common tasks.


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