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    Today we received this feature request:

    Intervals would be much improved by implementing a system to display Uploaded documents internally in the browser (instead of viewing through the original program). Especially when you only want to get a quick view of a document, it is no fun waiting for Windows to load the external program to see a document. Even if it's just for the most common ones (PDF, DOC, XLE, TXT, etc).


    • MPH
    • Jul 1st 2009

    Hey Michael - We use Intervals to track our production on Games, TV, and Film projects. Everything is a "visual" medium.

    One feature we would LOVE to have is the ability to view images within comments... instead of opening the Documents tab and selecting a file to preview (that opens another page). It's much easier to see a visual thread of all the changes made, if they are shown within the comments history. It would speed up our review/approval process quite a bit!

    Lots of user forums do this very thing. For example, here's a post at CGTalk... showing a progress on a 3D street scene.
    Or this one, showing the progress of a 3D character:

    Is this feature possible within Intervals? If not, how can I add it to the wish list?

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