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How to get at a client's People?

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    • mwilkie
    • Oct 16th 2013 edited @ 10/17/2013 11:03 am

    A given client can have multiple people/contacts associated with it. So lets say we have projects for the client "Information Management", and the liaison for the project is the person "Betty". We have other projects for the same client, and the contact is "Rob". There are other projects too, but we'll leave them out of it for now.

    How do we see at a glance all the projects we have for "Information Management", and who the contact for that project is? How do we filter so we see all the projects for Rob at Information Management, but don't see Betty's?


    Project/Task Client Contact Progress ...etc
    Asset Report Info Mgmt Betty 80%
    Inventory Info Mgmt Rob 60%
    Upgrade Workstations Finance Sheila 100%

    Thanks for the sample. To generate that report there would need to be a way to assign a contact to a project. Possibly by adding an extra field at the project profile level where one can select from a list of contacts. Since contacts cannot log in there hasn't been that much need for this but it may work for executive level users. I'll note your thoughts in our list of modifications to consider.

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