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mini-milestones (Milestones for Tasks)

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    wish: mini-milestones, or Interim Due Dates.

    Example: I have a final report task that is due on Friday , but on Wednesday I need to submit a draft. It's vital to keep the deadline date, but the draft date is important too.

    Currently I just keep shuffling the Start date, but that's ugly, and a lie, because work actually started yesterday.

    Regular Milestones are too big for things like this (too much extra fiddling for just one more piece of information). An argument could be made that Draft should be one task, Final Report another, but that only works if "Project: Write Floomux Report" exists. It doesn't, and won't, because the overhead for creating A Project for only 2 to 4 small tasks is too much. Being able to set an interim date, or a mini milestone, would alleviate this with minimal fuss for the user, and only a small interface change.

    • mwilkie
    • Oct 15th 2013 edited @ 10/15/2013 12:01 pm

    Related: the Recurring Tasks request. Interim dates would be one method of partially addressing that need.

    I can see how this would work but we usually recommend changing the date but as the deadline approaches instead change the severity so it gets more attention and has a greater chance of getting done. Sub tasks could also be another way around this problem by having a checklist item for the draft for example. In a way they're all related but we are still considering different solutions with goal on getting something that is flexible and works for 99% of these scenarios.

    jprado -- How do you create a "Sub-Task"?


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