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    Currently the Manager level users do not have the rights to approve the timesheets for their team.
    We have different managers for different projects but currently they cannot approve the timesheet for their team.
    If i give them the administrator access, the will be able to access other projects too which is not what we want.

    is there way to solve this issue. also can we have our My intervals account customized to have approving rights for the manager level users.

    Thanks for your response.

    With the way Intervals infrastructure is setup there is not a way to create custom features per account. When a new feature is released it is available to all accounts. The reason why managers cannot approve timesheets is they do not see everything a resource is working on. Since managers only see projects where they are a member of a project team you can run into a situation where a manager only sees part of what a resource is working on. With the timesheet mechanism the entire week is locked when approved and there is not a way to approve time on certain projects. The timesheet system is weekly in nature. Since administrators are the only user level that sees all projects they are the only user level that can approve timesheets. One workaround that I have seen some Intervals users implement is running reports, then approving time. They have a report by a manager, then approve as an administrator workflow in place for the approval process. In essence the manager reviews time and lets an administrator know it is ready for approval. If that flow might work the summary report is probably the best report since the output looks very similar to timesheets but you can filter by date range, project, client, person, etc.

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