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Difference between owner and assignee

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    What is the difference between the owner of a task and the assignee? Does one have more permission on a task than the other?

    Right now, on every task we create, we make the owner and the assignee the same person, as we don't see other use for it.

    • Michael
    • Aug 22nd 2013 edited @ 08/30/2021 1:10 pm

    If your team members are responsible for running with a task all the way through it and closing it out making the owner and the assignee is definitely an option. For many Intervals users the person assigned the work is not always the owner. For example, the owner is often the manager for the project and they are assigning tasks to resources to execute the work. In that scenario the owner wants to verify the work has been done properly prior to closing out the task. Also, the two people can collaborate on the task. Any updates, comments, documents, etc. will notify each person via email on the task.

    Regarding permission on the task, managers, resources and administrators can make all of the typical updates to tasks with one caveat. Resource level users cannot close tasks unless they own the task. If they are the assignee but not the owner they cannot close the task. Hopefully that helps some?

    Also, this forum discussion on the life cycle of a task might be worth a look:

    ## Update ##
    This article on the official Intervals help site covers task owners, assignees, and followers.

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