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    Is the progress bar really just a budget status, and not the progress of the project?

    Created a quick project with one task, and completed that at .5 time, instead of the 1 hr projected. The progress bar now shows 50%, and the task is completed and closed. I would think that the progress would be 100% as of now.



    The progress bar on the project listing is indeed hour centric. It looks at the estimated hours that have been specified for the project and the "dipstick" reflects estimated vs. actual hours for the project.

    Intervals Project Listing

    To get a deeper view of progress the project dashboard page is probably the best page. On the top half of the page it shows an overview of tasks by status and an hour breakdown by module.

    Intervals Project Dashboard

    The bottom of the page shows a financial breakdown and a detailed estimated vs. actual hour breakdown.

    Intervals Project Dashboard Budget View

    The Project Landscape report is another place that might be worth a look. It is probably the most comprehensive high level view of projects. After running the report please be sure to click on the various tabs (time, budget & invoices, tasks, etc.) to toggle the view.

    Thanks for the update - I would then think that the word "Progress" might need to be changed to budget or something to that nature, as this is a little confusing from the main project view.
    Sorry also to follow up I think using the milestones correctly shows the best progression of a project in stages.

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