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Accounting for PreBill Information

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    We have clients that we work with that we bill upfront and then track hours against. Im looking for a way in intervals to account for what would be a credit of hours to a client and then a way to track those hours being burned. Any suggestions?

    Example $1000 credit for 10 hours
    User X works 8 hours = 800
    Client still has 2 hours available to use.

    • jreeve
    • Jul 8th 2013 edited @ 07/08/2013 8:30 am

    Yes, Intervals is able to account for these prepayments. They way we recommend doing it is to enter a payment against the project then track the outstanding balance. It will be a credit at first, then work it's way down to zero.

    Here is a blog post we wrote on tracking retainer agreements Using Intervals

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