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Intervals Time - Mobile App for the iPhone

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    • icvanee
    • Jun 14th 2013 edited @ 07/13/2017 9:02 am
    ## This is from a third party provider and is not officially from Intervals ##

    We have made a big change in the UI to our iPhone App 'Intervals Time' added some new features and are now heading forward for new features and an iPad version too. We have sent the new App (version 2.0) to Apple for Review and hope it will be accepted next week.

    With Intervals Time you can manage your Requests, Time, Tasks, Timers and Projects right from your mobile device. Never forget the Time for Tasks you are working on anymore. Add a Timer directly when you start working on a Task. Even when you are at your client working on it.

    If you are a user of our App (which is completely based on the My Intervals Project Management) you may also register in one of our projects where you can Add Requests for features/Bugs.

    More information about the App can be found at

    Intervals Time can be downloaded from the Apple Store (current version in AppStore is 1.2):
    • Michael
    • Jun 20th 2019 edited @ 02/21/2020 3:42 pm
    ## The official Intervals Mobile App is available ##
    Learn more and install the Intervals Mobile App for Android & iPhone

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