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Restrict Unapprove privilege

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    Once a manager has approved the time cards, we would like to restrict "Unapprove" privilege and only an administrator can unapprove time cards. Is that possible?

    Since Intervals features project level permissions you could run into a scenario where a manager level user does not have access to the same projects that are assigned to a resource so they would only have a partial view of what the person is working on.

    Since administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions any administrator can approve/unapprove time but managers cannot do either of them.

    Currently, a person assigned the "Manager" role can approve/unapprove time. We want to be able to have the Manager only approve time and once approved, not be able to unapprove time. Why do you say the only administrator can approve/unapprove time?
    It is because a manager level user cannot see other people's timesshets in the Manage timesheets section. An administrator sees everyone's timesheets. That is the main difference. Perhaps we are talking about different things?

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