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Questions around fix cost items vs. hours

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    2. Fixed cost items
    We use some subs for fixed cost things - like copywriting blogs or infographics or things like that. These come out of the budget of the project, but I haven't found a way to budget for those cost items. I guess I could figure out what the hourly equivalent of the work would be, but since we fixed cost it, it would be nice to have someone to budget in additional costs beside time.

    I tried putting them under expenses but they don't seem to contribute to the profitability of the project and don't show up under any of the budget reports that I could find.

    Does anyone else have this challenge?

    The estimated work & rates section is intended to be used for hourly items but a hi level budget can be set on the project profile page. The budget in that section can be whatever you like (combined fixed items, fixed items with hourly items, etc.). Also, a budget alert can be set so that the project manager for the project gets notified when a certain budget threshold is met. Regarding expenses, there is an expenses report in the reporting section but the expense item is not used in the project budget calculations. The fee that can be entered with an expense and can include any markup is used in the project budget calculations. Any billable work plus fees is used to track the financial budget of the project. Fees can be included with the project activity report to show a combination of fees and billable work. There is an option to include fees in the summary only drop down menu.

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