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Questions around videos

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    3. Any "how-to" videos you have seen anywhere - not so much the intervals videos because they are more "what it does" videos, but more "how I set up my intervals" that anyone has seen anywhere?

    Appreciate it in advance. We're struggling to get a project up and running as a test.

    can i take photos and attach them to tasks?

    @clestong, yes, you can take photos and attache them to tasks. To do so, take the picture with the camera on your smart phone. Then email the photo directly to the task. Each task has it's own unique email address that follows the format of, where '123' is the task number. Any images sent to the task will be attached as documents.

    @RyanM, I am not aware of any videos, but if you have any questions, click on the General Questions link at the bottom of any page in Intervals and someone on our support staff will help you out.

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