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Questions around fix cost items vs. hours

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    • RyanM
    • Jan 5th 2013 edited @ 11/23/2015 10:26 am

    2. Fixed cost items
    We use some subs for fixed cost things - like copywriting blogs or infographics or things like that. These come out of the budget of the project, but I haven't found a way to budget for those cost items. I guess I could figure out what the hourly equivalent of the work would be, but since we fixed cost it, it would be nice to have someone to budget in additional costs beside time.
    Does anyone else have this challenge?

    The project budget that can be set on the project profile page can be used to set the overall budget for the project. It is the high level budget that can include all fees and billable work. Fees are basically expenses that can include a markup and the fee amount is passed onto the client and added to the total financial work for the project. The project dashboard, the project landscape report, and the outstanding balances report will include this data. This data can also be included on invoices and the project activity report.

    What if we don't want the client to see the fee. For us, this is essentially the cost of copywriters writing blog posts, etc. So I don't want the client to see the cost of the item. Any ideas? I am wondering if they best way to do it is something like making two modules:

    In the case of blogging which has a blog working media (cost of contractor above) fee and a management time expense....


    Blog - Working Media
    Blog - Management

    Blog working media would be the cost of the article / the hourly rate = effective hourly rate
    Blog management would be the normal time to manage the blog

    Would that work? Seems like a hack, but unless you know of a different way...


    @RyanM, for the client to not see the fee, try adding it as a project expense. This way you can add the cost of the item and the fee that was charged the client. Because it is being set up a an expense in the project section, clients will not be able to see it.

    Another option is to remove the ability to view financials when creating the Executive level user the client logs in with. To do this, just edit their profile and uncheck the checkbox for viewing financials. This will stop them from seeing the dollar value of any hourly work.

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