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Foreign Currencies at the Project Level?

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    We recently received a request to allow multiple currencies for project expenses. Intervals locale support presently lets you select the date/time and currency format for over 50 locales, but you cannot "mix and match". For example, if you select the United States your Intervals account will always expect US dollars.

    The request we received is to allow currency support at the project level. Say for example:
    1. you have an Intervals account in the UK
    2. you have customers in the US
    3. you could add expenses and track billable time in Dollars for that project, even though your Intervals account is set for Pounds by default

    I can see where this would add value, but my fear is adding the complexity needed to support it.

    I am curious to get feedback from others on this?


    Hi Michael,

    I am an Englishman, living in Germany, who also has US based customers. To be able to change the project currency at the project (or even client) level would be fantastic. I work in Euro, GBP and USD.

    The major issue I can see is in reporting on billing, due to the constant exchange rate changes.

    Is this something that is planned or just up for discussion?




    Similarly, we're based in Northern Ireland and while most of our invoices are in GBP, we invoice our Republic of Ireland customers in Euro.


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